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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Build Homes In My Area?

Here's a list of questions that we are commonly asked along with others that you might find helpful

No, we don't. You'd be surprised how often we get this question, but the simple fact is that we do not build houses ourselves, at all. We just design them and sell the plans. You would need to hire a builder to build the house for you.

Can Your House Plans be Modified?

Yes. Absolutely. We can help you by making your modifications ourselves, or you may prefer to purchase the CAD file and have the plans modified by a local designer. Click Here to learn more about our plan modification services.

What's Included in a Typical Set of House Plans?

See About Our Plans for more information.

Do You Offer Material Takeoffs, Cost Estimates, or Framing Drawings?

No, not at this time anyway. We may add these options in the future if demand warrants, but it would be better to rely on your builder for these services as they would be more familiar with material and labor costs in your area, and many builders already have an estimator on staff. Also, many homes today are built with pre-fabricated trusses instead conventional stick framing (mainly because the open floor plans preferred today would be difficult, if not impossible, to build using stick framing) and the truss fabricator will produce their own framing drawings.

Do Your Plans Include HVAC Plans?

No, we do not include HVAC plans in our sets. Your heating and cooling system would need to be sized an designed by your HVAC contractor mainly due to the variety of different systems that might be installed in different areas of the country.

How Do You Measure the Square Footages of Your House Plans?

Square Footages are measured at the outside perimeter of the framing (not the brick, in cases of plans with brick veneer). This figure includes all interior space including closets, chases, and the wall framing itself.

For Any Other Questions You Might Have Please

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