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Copyright © 2017 Mixson Graphics LLC
Plans and specifications are subject to change without notice. All information is deemed to be accurate and correct at time of publication.

Study Set:

A Study Set includes the Floorplans and Exterior Elevations. These are the same sheets included with the full Construction Set with all dimensions and notes, but are labeled "Not For Construction". Study Sets are useful for getting cost estimates and determining what changes you might like to make, if any. If you purchase a Study Set and later decide to purchase the full Construction Set of the same plan, you will receive full credit for the Study Set purchase towards the Construction Set purchase.
The Construction Set of drawings is printed on a high-quality type of paper called Vellum that is suitable for blueline copying and other types of copying processes. You will also receive a PDF file of the plan set delivered via Email which can also be shared with your builder, contractors and sub-contractors. You may make as many copies of the plans as you need, and build from the plans as many times as you like. You may not, however, re-sell the plans or otherwise transfer them to someone else for construction.

A typical set of drawings includes:

- Cover sheet
- Foundation Plan (1/4"=1'-0" scale)
- Floor Plan(s) (1/4"=1'-0" scale)
- Exterior Elevations (1/4"=1'-0" scale)
- Roof plan
- Electrical plan(s)
- Interior Kitchen Cabinet Elevations
- Typical Construction Details and Cross Sections

Construction Set:

Foundation Plan:
Crawl Space or Concrete Slab, depending on the plan. In cases where both types are available, both types will be included with the set, so you can build whichever you choose.
Floor Plans:
Including dimensions, door and window schedules, square footage calculations, floor finishes and other plan specific information.
Exterior Elevations:
Showing exterior views from all sides, finishing materials, ceiling heights and window header heights.
Electrical Plans:
Showing power outlets, light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans, phone and TV jacks, and more.
Roof Plan:
Showing roof slopes and intersections, ventilation and other plan specific information.
Construction Details:
Typical construction details including wall sections and other plan specific details.

CAD File:

Includes the plans in AutoCAD format. This is the most widely used computer drafting program and the file can also be used by most other drafting programs. Purchase this if you would like to have the plans modified by a local designer. The CAD File Package also includes a PDF file and a printed set of the plans.

Developers Package:

The Developers Package includes all available elevations of a plan (2, 3 or more depending on the plan), in both print and CAD format. It also includes all available architectural renderings and schematic floor plans for marketing purposes. This package represents our best value for builders that would like to build a plan many times over for years to come.

About Our House Plans:

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a license to build using those plans. This license gives you the right to build from the plans as many times as you like. You MAY NOT, however, re-sell or otherwise transfer the plans to someone else for the purpose of constructing a house.

Plans are designed to comply with the INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CODE. These building codes may or may not be the same as the codes and regulations in the locale where the Customer will construct the plans. Our plans are designed to comply with building codes at the time they were originally drawn. Many states and counties amend the codes for their area. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or builder to see that the structure is built to meet the codes of your area. Customer hereby indemnifies and holds Mixson Graphics LLC, its principals, employees and agents, harmless from any claim, loss or liability resulting from the failure of the plans to comply with local building codes or regulations or for any other breach of this Agreement attributable in whole or in part to Customer or its builder.

Because local codes and regulations and even methods of construction vary across the nation and internationally, certain alternative planning may be necessary to adapt the plan to your area. For this reason heating and plumbing are not included with our plans. You should be able to meet with these subcontractors to select and plan the system that is most appropriate for your area. Some municipalities may require plan review by a licensed Architect or Structural Engineer of your area. After plan purchase from Mixson Graphics LLC, the customer is responsible for additional expenses incurred through meeting municipality requirements or other requirements for construction.

Because of copyright laws and the possibilities of making additional copies of the plans you received, our plans may not be returned for credit or refund under any circumstances once the order has been processed. Please double check your selection before ordering.

What's Included:

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